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Cindy Chin Madrinan L.Ac , PhD
California Lisenced Acupuncturaist

South Baylo University (Acupuncture & Chinese Herb)
Clinical Internship (China Medical University Hospital Taiwan)


I grew up in Kaohsiung Taiwan and the family of Traidiontal Chinese Medicine (TCM). I received my master degree in Acupuncture & Chinese medicine and lisenced in California. I received extnesively intership in the school clinic in the US and the hospital in Taiwan, as well as my uncle's clinic. 


My specialties include the treatments of all types of pain, Fibromyogia, immune disorders, digestive disorders, stress, anxiety, chronic disease, infertility and women’s health. 


My goal is to help patient’s natural healing process with customized acupuncture treatments, Chinese Herbal medicine or oriental Tui Na treatment to treat the individual’s unique pattern of illness, not just their symptoms.

With a group of outstanding doctors in China Medical University Hospital in Taichung Taiwan

Internship at my dearest uncle's clinic 林俊清教授(Prof . Chun-Ching Lin - Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung), who published 195 papers related to TCM and earns 5982 citations. 

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